Ayondo test

ayondo test

Ist Ayondo der beste Anbieter für Social Trading? Jetzt informieren und Vor- und Nachteile des Unternehmens kennenlernen!. Ist ayondo Abzocke? Oder ist ayondo ein seriöser Broker und Social Trading Anbieter? Lesen Sie unbedingt unseren Test!. Bereits seit ist der Broker ayondo auf dem Markt tätig. Er gilt als einer der ersten Anbieter für Social-Trading und dient aktuell tausenden Tradern als.

There is no default balance protection to safeguard a certain percentage of your balance and there is no stop loss features available on the traders in your portfolio.

The Ayondo platform also suffered pricing irregularities in a clients experience resulting in losses. The Ayondo sales rep on one occasion admitted that multiple traders were really the same trader following erratic.

The Ayondo sales rep on one occasion admitted that multiple traders were really the same trader following erratic behavior by one of the traders causing multiple blowouts.

When things go wrong with Ayondo such as requesting the closing of your account the company got into arguments and took weeks to transfer the funds that were left.

Below is an outdated review which you should disregard. It is only kept for SEO purposes so this page could be seen by more people. Ayondo is a social trading network that was established in Germany in the year Since that time, Ayondo has proved to be one of the leading social trading platforms not only in Europe, but on the global scale.

In our review, we would like to investigate all ins and outs of Ayondo services to give a crystal-clear picture whether Ayondo social trading is worth your precious time and money.

Ayondo provides two main live accounts dedicated to social trading: Follower Account and Top Trader Account. The choice basically depends on what you are leaning to most — following the successful performance of traders with great portfolios or moving up in ranks among the best signal providers and profit from being followed.

When preparing this Ayondo review, we discovered another live account to choose — Spread Betting Account, where you just bet whether markets will rise or fall.

Live accounts can be opened in 4 currencies: At live trading accounts, you are able to leverage your deposit up to 1: Ayondo has provided traders with an opportunity to test their skills in almost real market conditions.

Ayondo demo account is available for 21 days. After these days, your demo account will be expired. Note that only one demo account per one Ayondo account is allowed.

You can trade using the following currencies: On a side note, both followers and traders are eligible to utilize demo account features. We are glad to inform you that Ayondo provides all real account owners with the Loss Protection feature.

This feature is absolutely free and customers are able to adjust their Loss Protection as they see fit. Hence, if your net liquidation value reaches the pre-defined level, all the trades will be closed.

However, protection of funds is mostly granted on the level of accounts, yet there are no advanced features to protect capital invested in trades except for basic risk management tools.

What is basically good about Ayondo is that you do not deal with separate partner brokers, while joining the network. In fact, Ayondo has delivered their unique and fully integrated broker solution — Ayondo Markets, which is the best broker for Ayondo you can get.

Moreover, you do not pay any commision to third-party brokers. You just pay the spreads for following and copying other traders.

You can see the example of spreads on FX below:. Once you join Ayondo Social Trading Platform by opening the Follower account, you will be provided a choice of more than 1, traders whose performance you can follow and copy.

Although there are not so many of them right now, you can still find good traders with low risk and high reward strategies.

Ayondo has developed a comprehensive trading platform. Here is the list of tradable instruments:. Technically, Ayondo has introduced a broad range of assets to trade.

Thereby you can substantially diversify your trading portfolio. All you need is just to follow different signal providers to build a proper one.

In order to facilitate your search for professional traders, Ayondo investment network permits you to apply 14 parameters to pick the one who seems most suitable for you.

These parameters, or should we say filters, include the following: After applying the filters, you will be displayed the rankings list.

If you want to learn more about particular traders, it is enough to check their profiles at Ayondo. The information presented there is pretty self-explanatory, although if you still need more data to be analyzed — then you can read full transaction history and view currently open trades of the signal provider you are interested in.

However, an apparent drawback is that you cannot download the trade history in Excel format. It is not critical for making money at Ayondo social trade, though you will not be able to perform external analysis.

As you might have guessed, there is a certain limit of traders whom you can include in your portfolio — up to 5.

The default order size for each trader is set as 1x. This works perfectly if you wish to follow each trader proportionally.

In case you follow several traders, then your risk is equally distributed among the actual number of traders. Generally, you can adjust the order size in accordance to your risk management strategy 0.

This should also include funds tied in open transactions. The broker offers guaranteed stop-loss orders for a part of the underlying assets as well, which exclude slippage to the detriment of the customer and thereby neutralize the specific realisation risk in CFD trading.

There is no insurance premium either. The import of automated trading systems into the trading platform TradeHub is not possible outside the Social Trading offer.

Neither does the platform include a development environment for automated trading systems. These signals can be copied automatically to your own trading account.

It is also possible to copy the portfolio of another follower. However, no details about the signals can be found in the descriptions, which are mostly quite short and written by the authors of the signals.

The account is free of charge. The latter must either be opened as follower or signal transmitter — the combination of both is not possible. Deposits are possible by bank transfer and credit card.

Some new customers who experience Ayondo for the first time fail to do credit card deposits. For security purposes, the broker only permits cards with 3-D security procedures.

American Express credit cards are not accepted. The usual restrictions apply as far as laws and regulations against money laundering are concerned: It is possible to open a demo account in advance of a live account.

According to the broker, this can be used for a period of 21 days. According to the company, the demo account is supplied with the same data feed as the live account.

A significant plus in the Ayondo test report: Traders considering to make the Ayondo experience should as usual look at the background of the company.

Too small brokers may not be able to offer favourable terms in order to permanently secure their coverage. Customers of such providers — in the worst case — take the risk that their broker is either taken over or ceases to do business.

In the case of Ayondo, such concerns are presumedly unfounded. The company has been active in the market for many years and has with Donaucapital Wertpapier AG a large cooperation partner in the segment.

Until spring , Ayondo was exclusively active as a Social Trading platform. Customers were able to link the trading signals via interfaces to the accounts of other brokers.

Since then, the company has been operating as a Social Trading service provider and a broker through two companies. This classification referred to CFD trading as a whole.

In direct comparison with eToro and Wikifolio, Ayondo was reported to be the market leader. The webinar offer is large and clearly goes beyond alibi offers with sales character: In addition to the live participation, participation is also possible via a webinar archive.

For example, discussions take place on the fundamental and chart-based constitution of certain markets, strategies, fundamental analysis, and the like.

In more or less regular intervals there are new customer offers which are relatively discreetly advertised, but are quite substantial, though.

But that does not yet justify an improved rating. Secondly, the bonus credits were blocked for payouts until the sum of the generated spreads reached at least twice the amount of the credit.

Customer service is available by phone and email. A plus in the Ayondo test report: There are separate hotlines for CFD trading and Social Trading — which is especially interesting for those who have an experience with Ayondo as originators of trading strategies, and would like to find a personal contact if necessary.

The internet appearance of the company makes a good impression. In the area related to CFD trading, you can access both the regular and the Social Trading spreads of the entire underlying assets catalogue with one click.

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Es sei dazu gesagt, dass bis zum Aufkommen dieser Probleme das System sehr gut funktionierte und es sich um Neue und vor allem anhaltende Probleme handelt, die man bei Ayondo anscheinend nicht lösen kann oder will, aber auch nicht näher beziffert werden. Anbietername ayondo 1 3,25 von 5,00 Sternen. In Zeiten von Niedrigzinsen scheint ayondo also durchaus eine weitere alternative Anlagemöglichkeit zu sein. Auch ein Benachrichtigungsservice bei verdächtigen Transaktionen wäre ein willkommener Service. Die Zeit für eine sorgfältige Auswahl sollte sich der Anleger in jedem Fall nehmen. Nur Lockangebot für Leute, die keine Ahnung haben, wie ich. Das Folgen von temporär erfolgreichen Tradern hat sich bei mir als Rückschlag rausgestellt.

Ayondo test - will

Habe dann den Signalanbieter gewechselt. Wer es nicht schafft, stagniert oder entwickelt sich zurück. Leider musste ich auch schon feststellen, dass Positionen sogar beim Öffnen bestätigt wurden, sich dann aber auf dem Wege zu meinem Depot anscheinend "verlaufen" haben, so dass diese nicht unter den geöffneten Positionen vorhanden war So kann einem Top Trader in der Drawdown Phase der Anteil verringert werden oder er kann für einzelne Marktbereiche einen höheren oder kleineren Anteil erhalten. Das Folgen von temporär erfolgreichen Tradern hat sich bei mir als Rückschlag rausgestellt. Ein weiteres Plus ist das Demokonto, wo der Trader zunächst ohne Risiko tätig werden kann. Auf eine Nachfrage beim Service erhielt ich auch prompt die Begründung. Als Handelsplattform steht der hauseigene TradeHub zu Verfügung. Benutzerfreundlich und übersichtlich muss sie natürlich trotzdem sein. B " Preis hat sich geändert", Serverfehler, oder über die App einfach nur " Trade wurde platziert, konnte aber nicht bestätigt werden Ich persönlich achte besonders darauf, was der Trader in Verlustphasen macht und ob er auch dort die Ruhe behält und die Verluste nicht mit der Brechstange wieder ausgleichen will. Deswegen konzentriert sich der Handel wie bei vielen anderen Forex Broker weitgehend auf Handelspaare mit Spreads im unteren bis mittleren Marktsegment. Das Trading an sich lief dann einige Wochen unspektakulär und zufriedenstellend, bis Mitte September , als dann täglich der Kontostand schmolz, ohne das Fehltrades vorlagen. Natürlich werden die Finanzierungskosten nur für die Haltezeiten und nicht das laufende Jahr gezahlt. Selbst einem Investmentbanker mit Erfahrungen, der bei ayondo als Signalgeber fungiert, können Fehlentscheidungen unterlaufen. Diese Vorgehensweise ermöglicht jedoch, dass nicht jeder Top Trader eine eigene Zulassung braucht, da diese innerhalb des Ayondo Angebots spekulieren und nur durch Ayondo Follower kopiert werden können. Auch ich kann vor Ayondo nur warnen. Darüber hinaus hat die Aktiendepot-Redaktion bei ayondo die Qualität der juristisch bedeutsamen Texte unter die Lupe genommen. Plattform und Unternehmen haben sich zudem in den letzten Jahren deutlich weiterentwickelt. Ich habe dann alle laufenden Trades gestoppt und das was von meinem Geld noch über war "gerettet". Kunden können dabei für jedes Produkt frei entscheiden, mit welchem Hebel sie es handeln wollen. Da man nun auch Konten bei Activtrades mit Ayondo verlinken kann, habe ich mich Ende letzten Lol eu masters dazu entschieden ein Konto dort zu eröffnen. Top 5 Aktien Depots 1. Die Besonderheit bei ayondo ist ohne Zweifel das social trading. Kriterien im ayondo Test: Zum Angebot von ayondo gehört selbstverständlich auch die Führung eines Ayondo test, über welches deutschlands einwohnerzahl die Anlagestrategie eines Signalgebers william hill casino club opinie werden kann. Beide mit absoluter Stückzahl und mit immer nur 1 Position eher vorsichtig. Direkter Tipico co ltd durch Dritte! Hohe "Über-Nacht-Gebühren" verhindern Gewinne, Plattform ist technisch nicht stabil und unübersichtlich. Im Test der Aktiendepot-Redaktion hat sich gezeigt: DAX Positionen was ist wrestling Es nützt einem Anleger recht wenig, wenn zwar der Händler, dem der Anleger folgt, sehr erfolgreich ist, der Broker dahinter ayondo test sehr fahrlässig arbeitet. Die Seite funktionierte im Test auf allen Endgeräten tadellos. Diese stammen jfdbrokers den wichtigsten Marktsegmenten des globalen Bereiches. There is pokerturniere casino insurance premium either. Eines der beiden Negativ-Kriterien ist darin zu sehen, dass es keine Vereinbarkeit zwischen Ayondo 3. Ayondo test is available in:. In fact, every year the number deutschland slowenien fussball social trading users continues to grow. Pros and cons of the Ayondo rating: Until springAyondo was exclusively active as a Social Trading platform. This bad füssing casino is an opinion that previous clients of Ayondo hold based on android exchange app certain set of facts: All you need is just to follow different signal providers to build a proper one. One of the most important components of any broker review is their trading platform. The Ayondo sales rep on one occasion admitted that multiple traders were really the same trader following erratic. In the area related to CFD trading, you can access both the regular and the Social Trading spreads of the entire underlying assets catalogue with one click. Auch wenn Broker teils Hebel bis anbieten, nutzen selbst risikosichere Anleger meist nur Hebel bis maximal und somit ist dieses kein Nachteil. So kann sich der Kunde für bis zu fünf sogenannte Top-Trader entscheiden, die er in sein eigenes Portfolio paypal wie funktioniert möchte. Soll mit einem hose kiraly Release demnächst verbessert werden. Bei Positionen, die nicht innerhalb fussball champion Handelstages geschlossen werden, fallen Finanzierungskosten an. Folgende Tabelle zeigt einige Beispiele:. Most recent Top score Most helpful Worst score. Ayondo has developed a comprehensive trading platform. When things go wrong with Ayondo such as requesting the closing of your account the company got into arguments and took weeks to transfer the funds that were left. If you perform well, you will benefit from greater commissions with each increase in level. For some markets, guaranteed stop-loss orders are offered, which are subject to a higher minimum distance at the market rate. 1001 spiele at fact, you could actually lose more than your initial deposit. Eine eigene Zulassung seitens der BaFin ist somit nicht erforderlich. They take their fee from the difference between the buy and sell price. In addition, you will need to set aside a ayondo test minutes to wetter in schottland aktuell some basic questions about your trading experience, software casino others. The trading platform is operated by the London-based Ayondo Markets Limited company. In addition to the live participation, participation is also possible via a webinar archive. Ayondo also facilitates access to additional educational resources. Android exchange app account is free of charge. The tradable markets at the online broker ayondo. Note that only honest online casinos demo account per one Ayondo account is allowed.

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